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Tips and Tricks Shackles

Posted on 2-7-2020 by Nicky
  1. Bow and Dee Shackles

Bow and Dee shackles come in many shapes, sizes and workloads. They are often used for hoisting or as a static removable connection between, for example, steel cables and / or cIt is important to know that there are shackles that are not allowed to be lifted with (commercial quality, for example, to fix something that does not come with force) and shackles that can be lifted. Shackles with which hoists may be lifted are certified and a clear workload and specifications (such as a brand and CE marking) are stated on it.

The difference between a bow and dee shackle in the shape of the "roundness". With a Bow-shackle, there is more space internally than with a Dee-shackle.

High-quality Shackles are made of high-quality steel (Grade 60, galvanized) or stainless steel. We supply shackles that comply with European directives, and optionale with an (EKH) certificate.

In this blog, we only deal with (high-quality) Shackles that are suitable for lifting.


  1. Screw collar pin & Safety bolt

The main difference is the way of fastening the shackle. A distinction is made between a safety bolt and a screw collar pin. You screw a scew collar pin into the Shackle itself to tighten and a safety bolt is put through the shackle and secured with a bolt. The bolt must then be secured with a locking clip so that it cannot come loose. If a shackle has to be mounted for a longer period, You should use a shackle with a safety bolt for extra locking.


  1. Instructions for use

Please note that commercial quality shackles may not be used for lifting. Choose a shackle whose workload is suitable for the work to be performed. Take into account extreme conditions or shock loads.

At a minimum, inspect the shackle for the following:

  • All markings must be legible
  • The pin and the shackle must belong together and must be identical in terms of dimensions (and of the same brand)
  • Make sure that a safety bolt is always secured
  • All parts must be undamaged and not deformed
  • The shackle is not adjusted and should never have been heated


  1. Safe use

Make sure that the pin is fully screwed in and secured (screw collar pin) or that the bolt is fully tightened and locked (safety bolt). The stated workload of the shackle applies to the straight use of the shackle. If a shackle is used in an angle, the safe workload decreases. Never load a shackle from the side. If a shackle is used to hang 2 parts (for example 2 chains or 2 wire ropes), an Bow shackle must always be used and the inner angle must never exceed 120 degrees.


  1. Inspection and testing

Shackles should be inspected by the user for safety before each use. Shackles should be tested and certified by a specialist once every 4 years. Thanks to 30 years of experience in the field of lifting equipment and our own workshop for repairs and assembly, we have extensive product knowledge. We also have several testing machines for testing and certifying shackles, among other things. We test and certify according to the requirements of the EKH. If you have to inspect larger batches of lifting equipment, we can also inspect on location. Inquire about the many possibilities.


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